Safe Summer Skin for Mama and Kiddos

Hey Friends!

It’s that time of year when the inside of my backpack starts to look like an advertisement for Sunscreen companies. Here in TX sunscreen season is really year round, but come April when my solution to most tantrums, sibling bickering and bad moods is “Let’s go outside!” I become pretty intense about all things sunscreen. And since I am “screening” (trying to find the verb here for slathering my kids every 2 hours with SPF) a 4, 3 and 11 month old and my own highly sensitive face and skin, I have tried a lot of products. I finally have a whole arsenal of Safe, non toxic skin SPF products that work well for my toddlers, baby and even for me!

I placed a high priority on 3 things:

1. Reasonable price, since I am “screening” so many little people all day long

2. Non toxic, because I break out if it’s not and bc I don’t want our family applying chemical to our skin constantly, and there is now a lot of alarming research coming out about how quickly the chemicals in sunscreen enter our bodies… ummm no thank u!

3. Easy to apply, rub in and doesn’t leave white streaks all over.

Here’s my current fave products… I am going to briefly explain what I use each one for and why I love it… and I’ll include the link where to purchase (spoiler alert: a lot of these are available on Amazon!!!)

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Favorite all over Sunscreen: Think Sport. Safe for kids 6 months and up.

Why I love it: It’s a mineral based sunscreen that is non – toxic and safe. But unlike many mineral based sunscreens I have tried it is easy to rub in (consistency like a normal sunscreen) and I don’t have to use very much of it at a time. That tube up there lasts me with kids about 3 months and is around $10, way cheaper than most mineral sunscreens. I use it on my baby, toddlers and myself!

Favorite sunscreen for Kids Faces: Think Baby Face.

Why I Love It: What’s harder cutting a wiggly babies fingernails or applying sunscreen to a screaming toddler’s face who just wants to play? It’s a toss up here – but after I had started this post, I got this in the mail and just tried it on my boys faces this morning #gamechanger. I applied it quickly because.. uhhhhh hmm… because things were getting a little cray cray… so there were definitely white streaks but then a few minutes later they were gone… so basically I just got 5 minutes of my life back every morning… maybe I’ll actually get to drink my coffee… hot… or cold… because it’s iced coffee season here.

Fave Heavy Coverage Make- up with SPF: Ashley Sievert Mineral Velvet Creme

Why I Love It: Some people devote their lives to curing cancer, others to teaching children and some to finding the perfect face product that covers their skin, doesn’t feel heavy, doesn’t make their extremely sensitive skin break out AND contains SPF… in case you are wondering if I have ever done anything notable in my life… i believe one shining contribution to humanity will be my tireless quest to faithfully buy and try every single BB/CC/foundation ever created and now be able to announce to the good readers of the internet that I have found the holy grail… this is it… I am a HUGE fan… it covers so well, it feels like air – it lasts FOREVER (one bottle lasts me 9 months and I use it almost every day, I apply with a foundation brush)… and DRUMROLL… i have now used it throughout pregnancy, postpartum hormones and found it to only enhance my skin, not cause breakouts…. this is seriously life changing… so there ya go… write it on my tombstone… Charity, loved Jesus, devoted wife and mother and Completed her quest to uncover the best Face make up.

Fave Light Coverage BB cream with SPF: Dew Skin by Beauty Counter,

My friend Jordan can help you find the perfect Beauty Counter product!

Why I love it: this product is for lighter coverage days, which is why it’s not my overall fave in this category (thank u post partum skin discoloration). I prefer a little heavier coverage than this, but I still use this for sweaty, pool days… or days I don’t really care and find that I really appreciate how moisturizing it is and that it also includes SPF.

Fave Mama Face Sunscreen:  Babo Botanicals Daily Sheer Sunscreen

Why I love it:  Its coverage feels lightweight and moisturizing not chalky like most mineral sunscreens.  It dries clear so no awkward white streaks.  I wear it alone or under my make up and it does great.  A bottle lasts me about a year.

Fave SPF Lip Product:  Babo Botanicals Lip Tint, SPF 15

Why I Love It:  It moisturizes my lips with a pretty sheer tint.  The tube is a bargain, lasts me about a year.

That’s it for today!  If you’re a natural skin care, SPF lover send me your fave product recommendations, I love to try new things.

As always, I am praying for you!

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