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How the Enneagram Impacts your Motherhood – Types 4, 6 & 8 (Second Round of Mama’s Sharing)

Hey Friends! I hope your April is off to an amazing start. Its hard to believe that we are almost at the end of this incredible Enneagram and Motherhood series. My favorite part has honestly been just learning about other Mama’s who have different numbers than I do. Its fun to see the things that […]

How Your Enneagram Number Impacts your Mothering, Type 4, Type 8, Type 7

Happy Monday! Today we continue with the second round of Mamas sharing about how knowing their Enneagram number has transformed their role as a Mama. So many of you have connected with this series, and I am praying daily that every person who reads this series will be filled with wisdom, hope and joy in […]

How Your Enneagram Number Impacts your Mothering – Type 1, Type 2, Type 5

Happy Monday Friends! Today we start an exciting series all about how YOUR Enneagram Number Impacts your Mothering. Over the next few weeks I will be hosting an incredible group of writers and Momma’s whose personal knowledge of the enneagram has helped them overcome obstacles in motherhood and provided them hope and encouragement for the […]

Dear Momma, with Post Partum Depression & Anxiety, you are NOT ALONE!

Dear Momma, Can I be honest, I didn’t really want to write this post… mostly because it is hard to remember something you would rather forget, like my struggle with Post partum Depression and Anxiety. But I am writing it because I read yesterday that another precious Momma has ended her life because of PPD. […]

Pregnancy #GameChangers… How I prevented stretch marks, saved on Maternity Clothes and eliminated Back and Hip Pain

I am nearing the end of my 5th pregnancy!  2 of my beautiful babies I will meet in heaven someday.  So I have had 3 full term pregnancies.  Crazy…It still boggles my mind the amount of weird, uncomfortable and downright annoying things that can happen in pregnancy.  I have experienced several of them and many […]

When Mother’s Day Hurts

I’ll never forget my first Mother’s Day….I walked through my garage into our laundry room and saw a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a mylar balloon that read “Happy Mother’s Day.” I immediately burst into tears, not because of pregnancy hormones. I wasn’t pregnant…I desperately wanted to be pregnant but I wasn’t….I hadn’t just delivered […]